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At Texas Vintage Audio we have been successfully restoring customers vintage tube type radios and vintage tube amplifiers and various other tube type audio equipment for many years. We enjoy helping our clients restore their vintage audio equipment to provide many more years of dependable service.

Back in the old days, just about everyone had a reputable tube type electronics service shop and tech nearby to repair vintage tube type radios and amplifiers. And most larger musical instrument retail stores had a great tube tech in-house to handle repairs of amplifiers. Those days are gone unfortunately, but we are here to help customers seeking those same services today.

Over the years, we have collected and repaired many different brands of vintage tube type Radios and vintage Amps for our own collection, as well as help many others get their vintage tube equipment working like new again.

In addition to our quality electronics repair work, we sometimes Buy, Sell, & Trade. We also build from scratch some very fine sounding tube Guitar Amplifiers. Our techs are also professional musicians that have played, toured, & recorded with the best in the music industry for many, many years. At Texas Vintage Audio, we understand “tube tone” in the digital world we all live in today.

Our large Service Area utilizes the best test equipment needed for all our vintage electronics repairs and restorations. We specialize in repairs of the older “point-to-point” wired vacuum tube audio equipment.

We have in-house schematics and service data for most vintage a.c. powered tube Radios manufactured in the U.S. from the late 1920’s through the early 1950’s. We also have schematics and service data that covers most vintage tube type amplifiers from the early 1930’s though the 1970’s. We stock many components and rare hard to find parts and components also. Many of our customers drop off their vintage electronics to be serviced/ repaired, or they ship it to us for professional quality repairs.


Texas Vintage Audio

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We warranty all our work
and have many satisfied customers as well as a very impressive Client list. Each vintage electronics repair/restoration presents us with different challenges and our techs strive for perfection on each and every one. We also strive to turn out quality work in a timely manner.

Feel free to contact us via email for any questions you may have. We look forward to working with all our future customers to meet their needs. We provide our services at fair and reasonable prices and stand behind our work 100%

We hope everyone that visits our website will navigate through all the pages and visit often! Bookmark our website as we will be adding new info and photos as we continue to seek, find, and restore vintage tube type audio equipment from the years past.

Items we Don’t Service: Vintage or modern phonographs, tape decks, televisions, any transistorized or digital equipment, foreign made radios, or appliances. For these type items we don’t service, contact us. We can usually refer customers needing these type repairs to other qualified technicians that specialize in these areas of expertise.



Texas Vintage Audio

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